Cycling Canada’s CAN-BIKE program, is insured under under it’s policy through Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. With this, all said courses that are scheduled and sanctioned, are required to have participant coverage.

Independent Instructors are eligible to obtain participant coverage through Cycling Canada, at a much lower rate than if one went to a private insurance company. All certified CAN-BIKE instructors are required to have obtained their annual membership through Cycling Canada prior to delivering any scheduled course. Without this annual membership, one’s certification is held in void until done so, and should not be hired or contracted to deliver a CAN-BIKE course until they have provided proof.

Municipalities, schools and/or organizations who offer the CAN-BIKE program and have their own insurance policy specific to program participation, must provide a Certificate of Insurance to Cycling Canada as proof of coverage during the intended course/s. They may name Cycling Canada as a secondary.

For more information regarding insurance requirements, please contact .