Instructor Training

CAN-BIKE Cyclists

Cyclists who graduate from the Level 4 – Advanced Cycling Skills course can contribute greatly to Canada’s growing ranks of cycling instructors. Most of our instructors interest in cycling education, started when they took their first CAN-BIKE course.

Students who complete CAN-BIKE often report it as a watershed experience similar to learning to swim, drive a car, or speak a new language. Graduates are no longer rolling pedestrians, trapped in a world of discontinuous sidewalks, pathways and other infrastructure. They become functional, integrated elements of vehicular traffic flow. Graduates look at cycling in traffic in a whole new light and their new attitude inspires confidence, safer traffic integration and more frequent use of their bicycles in general. Graduates make better informed, more effective cycling advocates in their community.

Many employers and volunteer organizations require Level 4 – Advanced Cycling Skills certification for everyone whose duties may include riding a bicycle.

Since the Criminal Code was amended with Bill C-45, organizations have become legally responsible for providing appropriate training for their employees, volunteers and other representatives.

If you are required to ride a bike to perform work duties, then your employer is responsible for providing you with the appropriate training to ride safely. CAN-BIKE is the only nationally recognized safe cycling program in Canada that can provide the certification to fulfill this basic requirement.


Course Delivery

Cycling Canada are the owners of the CAN-BIKE program, and provides information related to the program. Scheduling and delivery of courses are conducting by it’s certified instructors, either independently or through municipal organizations within each province/territory. To locate an instructor within your region, please refer to our “Contacts” page, or send us email where we can connect you with one.