The Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) introduced the CAN-BIKE program in 1985, with the publication of Bicycling II Course Instructors’ Guide, by Daniel Egan, Chair of the CCA Education Committee. However, the CCA had been developing empirically based cycling education programs for some time. Cycling Freedom for Women, by Barbara Bernhardt, was introduced in 1983. Earlier, a group of instructors in British Columbia had traveled to Seattle to certify as Effective Cycling instructors under the supervision of John Forester. Upon their return to Canada, those instructors developed a distinctively Canadian version of the program, later to become known as CAN-BIKE.

Photo: CAN-BIKE in the 1980s. The 1988 Canadian Cycling Association Recreation and Transportation Sector’s Education Steering Committee at a meeting in Vancouver: (left to right) Denys Beams, Christine Code, Barbara Bernhardt, Bruce Timmermans, Danelle Laidlaw, Charles Laframboise, Howard Skrypnyk, Don Hollingshead.